Food Review: Bistro Du Vin

After procrastinating for very long, I finally decided to place a firm reservation for Bistro Du Vin for 4. Since it’s considered “atas” food to me, I had to make this special, and so decided to give the Kohs a treat for helping out the Gohs during our pre-wedding photoshoot. I’ve heard about Bistro Du Vin’s set lunch from my colleagues and that was what we got. For starters, we got the Escargot stewed in red wine, fried egg, caramelized onion and crispy bacon, Foie gras ravioli with toasted hazelnut & Port wine sauce, Baked Camembert with apples, smoked bacon on toasted sourdough bread. The escargot was not to my liking (I think I still prefer garlic butter), foie gras ravioli was rich and yummy. The camembert was baked till it was soft and gooey, but I prefer my baked cheese with some berry jam.

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For mains, we had Bouillabaise of fish, clams, mussels & prawns, Beef short ribs stewed in beer, celeriac mash, Duck leg confit with stewed haricot beans & lamb sausage, Braised pork cheek & pork sausage with Savoy cabbage. I didn’t fancy the bouillabaise that much as the meat dishes were stellar. I couldn’t decide which meat was my favourite! I mean, it was like Savour standard! My spoon cut through the beef ribs like butter. Mash was good as well, not too heavy on the palate. The duck confit had such crispy skin, I felt bad for not sharing it. The pork cheek was like OMG good, super moreish. I especially liked the cabbage since there was a lot of meat during the meal.

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We had Baked pear tart on puff pastry with salty caramel, “Petit-Pot” au chocolate with Madeleine, Crème Brûlée, Caramelized apple & raisin Crumbles, roasted apple ice cream & whipped cream for desserts. The pear tart was super buttery and yummy, as was the salted caramel ice cream. The au chocolate was rich and slightly dark (good to us since we don’t fancy milk chocolate that much), but the madeline was “fail in the world of madelines” – quoted from Joyce. The creme brulee was just so-so to me, nothing to shout home about. The roasted apple ice cream was something quite surprising. There was I telling my friends that my choice of dessert was very healthy when I scooped out a huge spoonful of apple shavings. Then the surprise came when my tongue came into contact with the ice cream. The taste was something unique but I can’t quite put my finger onto what flavor it was.

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We spent $30++ per person for each set lunch. Pretty good food for the price, if you ask me!