Recipe: easy peasy chicken schnitzel

As an effort to save money and eat healthy meals, I started to cook almost on a daily basis when I arrived. However, most of the things I cook are Asian dishes and friends and family inevitably started asking “not German food?”. My reply was that I can always buy German food if I wanted to, why make it at home? That is true, but we hardly eat German food because 1) the portions served are usually too much for one, not enough for two pax, and 2) it is usually greasy, salty and expensive (a minimum of 4 Euro per pax for a bratwurst SNACK).

I didn’t really intend to make chicken schnitzel tonight, but as fate would have it, I bought chicken schnitzel cutlets from the supermarket by mistake (what was I thinking??) and so I’d have to use up the chicken. I looked through my meal plans, and decided to swap out my ‘baked fish and vegetables’ for chicken schnitzel with salad since my fish cutlets are frozen and can be kept for an additional day. Or two.

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Recipe: mini homemade sausage bacon rolls

Real sausage rolls are “British savoury pastry snack popular in the Commonwealth of Nations and countries of the European Union” – quoted from Wikipedia. I say “real sausage rolls” because there are sausage rolls of another kind in Singapore – puff pastry wrapped around a hot dog. Those, I don’t quite like.

But I do enjoy a real sausage roll. Hmm… who doesn’t like sausage rolls? Warm buttery parcels enveloping a meaty filling flavored with herbs, they are great as finger food for a party or a tea time snack.

I miss the scents of buttery pastry wafting through the air as I exit the CCK MRT station back in SG. So what do I have to do? Make some pastries, of course! Now now, I’m not about to be domestic goddess and make my own puff pastry. I like to cheat and take shortcuts in the kitchen, and thankfully, they do sell packaged puff pastry in Germany. 😛

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Penny savers recipe: baked egg muffins

2015-11-29 15.05.06

To be honest, these are not the kind of breakfast muffins that you are probably thinking of. These muffins are more cake-like instead of bready. But wait, don’t go yet. Do give this recipe a chance, and you may end up liking it more than you expected.

As I do not have a set of measuring cups in Germany, most of my recipes now will have metric measurements. As and when it is possible, I will also include the US measurements.

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Recipe: seaweed chicken bites

If you’re in Asia, more specifically Singapore and/or Malaysia, you would have come across this seaweed chicken snack quite often. It is commonly sold in night markets, at yong tau foo stalls, and also at the supermarkets. Mr Goh likes to eat this from time to time but we don’t buy this at home because deep frying is a lot of (clean up) work.

But some time ago, I came across a recipe for this from Nasi Lemak Lover, and it seems easy enough. Except for the part where we have to debone the chicken thighs ourselves, because Germany doesn’t sell boneless, skinless chicken thighs.

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