Gmarket Korea Haul #2

This time, I ordered some really small items (wire cable wraps, a pudding BB cream – shall blog about it once I’ve used it enough to review, and 2 cute powder puffs from Etude House). Really, I reckon the items would only be around 500g or so. But because Gmarket is so careful with packing, they packed my items in a box like this:

I didn’t take pictures of the powder puffs (I mean, do you really need to see a picture of powder puffs?! They are basically all about the same) and the pudding BB cream cos the cream has not settled down and looks gross – lumpy and weird. The only picture I took of my loots was the cute cloud wire wraps:

You’re supposed to wind the cable on the dog-bone structure and use the cloud to ‘hide’ it so all you see is that cute cloud.

I bought the cable wraps together with another colleague (we bought like 7 wraps together) and the nice seller included a heart-shaped number lock freebie. Nice – could use it during my Macau trip later this month.

The wraps were fairly cheap, but the seller had weighed them in at 1kg each, and that jacks up the initial shipping fee we had to pay. Of course Gmarket will refund the extra paid when they do a final weigh-in before they ship the entire package to me, but it would be nice if we didn’t have to pay the extra 19,900won upfront. It just locks my money in and I have to spend more on Gmarket now.

Wire wraps: 하이델

Pudding BB Cream: 케이미

Powder puffs: 에뛰드하우스 직영샵

Gmarket Korea haul #1

People always say… a picture speaks a thousand words… I have 3 pictures for this post, so that’s a 3,000 word essay?! I made my first purchase on Gmarket Korea last week, after browsing the website for 10,000 times. Finally I mustered courage and ordered even though I don’t understand 80% of the website. I really have to thank Sonia because she helped me a lot when I was confused with the website!

I ordered the items on 21st April, and they arrived at my doorstep on the 26th. Talk about fast service and shipping!

The total order came up to 77,400won, + 21,300won for shipping. Not exactly the cheapest shipping fee, but hey, it only took 5 days (including domestic shipping and the weekend) for the items to arrive.

I bought the shoes together with my colleagues from this seller, 제이에스슈, and the cleansers  from 에뛰드하우스 직영샵. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the shoes I bought because they don’t fit me and my sis sold it to her colleague instead (I bought a size too big, next time I shall buy exactly as my foot measures instead of trying to buy a size bigger hoping for a more comfortable  fit).

The shoes came up to roughly S$20 per pair (depending on design) which I thought was not too expensive. The quality of the shoes was quite good too, soft and comfortable. Doesn’t  feel like it’s going to cause blisters. If only the  seller had more stock on the 240 size (about size 37 for URS shoes), I’d reorder again!

I shall update on my 2nd Gmarket Korea haul soon!

GMarket is Addictive!!!

I ordered some shoes together with my colleagues earlier this week, because I found a seller that has TONS of ballet flats, and ballet flats are like our staples in the office (heels really kill our ankles). So I’m now waiting for the shipment to arrive, and I’ve already put in another order for some cute cable/wire wraps… I think I’ll wait for GMarket to refund some of my shipping fees before I put in another order. Heh.

Can’t wait for my first order to arrive!!!