Come here for beef noodles!

GRUB has been expanding rapidly these couple of months, with FIX (blog post soon… I hope!) and GRUB noodle bar. I’ve been seeing a lot of their FB advertisements and when I saw that a friend of mine liked their page, I decided “ok, I’m going!”

The noodle bar has taken over the previous location of Cookyn Inc, which isn’t very travel friendly for me because I have to change at least 2 MRT lines in order to get there. And we had to walk about 300m before reaching the place. #workoutbeforeafeast

The menu is fairly small and simple with only 3 types of mains: assam laksa, pork noodles or beef noodles. They have been advertising their beef noodles so much that I just had to get it. I decided to go for the rump while ZH went for their special that day (seafood/prawn noodles) and we shared an appetizer.
2014-11-22 18.02.43

I love open kitchen concepts in restaurants – means that there’s nothing to hide, everything should be freshly cooked, not heated from a packet.
2014-11-22 18.07.33

We shared the scallop tataki (S$15) which was delightfully fresh and sweet. It says “lightly torched with mustard glaze and mandarin orange segments”, but I don’t think it means “aburi” style. Anyway, we couldn’t stop picking up slice after slice! The salty glaze highlighted the sweetness of the fresh scallop sashimi. A definite must-try when you’re there.
2014-11-22 18.08.41

On to the mains: The beef noodles were aplenty with handmade beef balls and rump slices in the soup (S$15). *The soup came lukewarm and I was quite baffled because the temperature wasn’t hot enough to cook the beef slices. So I decided to take a chance and ask one of the servers what should the temperature of the soup be. Turns out that the entire pot of soup wasn’t hot enough and the kitchen crew took immediate action and replaced my soup. They also approached another table who ordered beef noodles (but didn’t question about the soup) to replace their soup. Thumbs up for (proactive) recovery action.

Taste-wise, I thought that the beef balls were a little tough, quite similar to italian meatballs in pasta sauce, but still ok la. The noodles were like Chinese la-mian, absorbing the sauce very quickly and was a little dry, though that can be remedied by putting a couple of spoonfuls of the awesome-max soup. No MSG so you can drink up every last drop! Beef slices were tender and very value for money.
2014-11-22 18.23.06

ZH’s seafood noodles, on the other hand, were quite a miss with us. It lacked the oomph of seafood flavor and was a very normal bowl of noodles, garnished with prawns. Still, not one to waste food, the boy finished up everything.
2014-11-22 18.28.59

Our empty bowls. Oh! The cincalok sauce was super good with the beef slices! As with all other GRUB ventures, please come quickly if you wish to try what I had for this meal. The GRUB team is constantly updating and revamping their menu and so, some dishes may be taken off the menu if you wait too long. *still sad about my favorite slow roasted pork belly being taken off the menu at GRUB Bishan*
2014-11-22 18.44.50

Has Grub lost its charm on us?

ZH and myself decided to try New Ubin Seafood one day after my facial at Upper Thomson and I decided to ask Papa along, since I was feeling guilty for not accompanying him the day before. But unfortunately, NUS was packed at 630pm and they turned us away because we didn’t have a reservation. Not wanting to just go anywhere else (since we have already utilized an hour’s parking coupon), it was decided to go Grub as it was just a 3 min drive away.

We were lucky at Grub because we snagged the last indoor table (my dad insisted on having an indoor table. LOL), and the queue was at least 30-40 mins wait after us. Dad decided to have the steak and fries ($19), ZH had the pork belly ($17) while I tried the new limited edition chili crab burger ($18).

IMG_5834 The steak and fries portion was big but Papa commented that some parts of the steak were a little chewy and tough. When he was about to finish his meal, he asked why have we not visited Angus in a long while. Ok, I get your hint dad!

IMG_5835 It’s been 3 months since we last visited Grub. ZH thought he was being safe and stuck to our old favorite – the pork belly. But unfortunately, Grub seemed to have renewed the dish. The pork belly is now being sous vided and seared, served with sauteed leeks and mashed sweet potato. I think the dish is less enjoyable as we could taste more of the fats (previously made crispy and less obvious that we were eating fats). The mash sweet potato was also quite rich on the palate.

IMG_5836 IMG_5838 I took a gamble and tried the new offering and luckily it paid off. The crab patty was thick and full of crab meat. The chili crab sauce was also quite spot on, being a little sweet and tangy at the same time. The entire burger was quite thick and I couldn’t get it to fit into my mouth, so I ate the burger with the help of a fork and a knife. Weird.

I’m pretty upset that Grub has revamped its menu several times now and each time, they take away/change something that used to be a crowdpleaser. For example, the mussels, the salmon fillet, and now the slow roasted pork belly. Oh and by the way, if Grub management is reading this, please change the name of your Honey Lime juice drink to Honey Lemon!! Twice I ordered, and it was Lemon in it. Lime & lemon has a distinct difference in taste and outlook!

Food Review: Trying new Grub

We had an appointment with our photographer on Saturday, and it was near Grub, so it was a no brainer for us to have brunch there before heading off for our appointment. They did some tweaking to their waiting system, so waiting time is now shorter if you choose to share tables. We only waited for about 30 minutes.

2014-03-15 11.55.40

I love everything mentaiko so naturally had to try this new dish (ok, not so new but I haven’t been to Grub for ages now). The fries at Grub are always good – freshly cooked. They are also slightly thick so the centre is a little bit soggy and fluffy.

2014-03-15 12.19.22

Mentaiko fries, $9

I decided to have the french toast while Mr Goh, loves everything chicken, went for the chicken thigh burger. I enjoyed the eggy french toast, done to perfection. The centre was custardy and not dry at all. But the chicken burger wasn’t fantastic – we both thought it wasn’t really Grub standard. The breading on the chicken was thick! And the combination of the ingredients just didn’t wow us enough.

2014-03-15 12.24.43

French toast, $12

Chicken thigh burger, $12

Chicken thigh burger, $12

Food Review: Grub Part 3

I just can’t get enough of Grub. Like seriously. When I briefly mentioned how nice would it be to live in the penthouse of a condo near Bishan Park, the boy asked “so you can eat Grub everyday?” LOL!

The boy and I decided to go Grub for dinner after work on Wednesday (ok, I decided since he asked what was my craving) and I was made a very happy girl. By Grub and by the boy.

Beautiful flowers

Beautiful flowers

How can you not want this? Slow roasted pork belly, $15

How can you not want this? Slow roasted pork belly, $15

The slow roasted pork belly was one of the best dishes Grub has to offer, and rightfully so. The skin was crisp but gave way with slight pressure from the knife, to reveal juicy meat & flavorsome fat. Both the boy and myself couldn’t get enough of it. The pork belly paired beautifully with the tomato salsa and mango sauce, with a tinge of sourness that cut through the richness of the pork belly. This was a plate of “you MUST try!” on your first visit to Grub.

Look at this yummy goodness

Look at this yummy goodness

The boy, being a chicken fanatic, ordered the grilled chicken leg. I thought it was just so-so since I had my eyes on the pork belly.  But still, the boy polished it off, so it must be a good sign.  The boy loved the mash –  he had his own share, plus half of mine.

Grilled chicken leg, $15

Grilled chicken leg, $15

Dessert was a new addition to the menu – chocolate pot! I think they should rename to (death by) chocolate pot. It was sooooo rich! I didn’t know what was the right way to eat it, should I eat it plain, or sprinkled with the praline crumble on the side or what? In the end, I left the crumble alone as the chocolate alone was sweet enough. This dessert is definitely recommended to be shared among 4, or one very crazy chocoholic.

Chocolate pot, $8

Chocolate pot, $8

Food Review: Grub Part 2

Grub serves up non-grubby food

The 2nd time I went, I went for dinner and finally managed to order the mussels. I think this dish has also been taken off the menu since my visit as I don’t see it on the menu anymore. It was a stew with mussels and chorizo sausage, but quite a few reviews have commented that the serving was way too small for it to be a main, and the light watery stew wasn’t satisfying. Perhaps it would be better if a side of foccacia was served along with the stew.

So long, mussels

So long, mussels $19

We had chili con carne ($8) and the caramelized onion gratin ($7) for appetizers and I think we all liked the chili con carne better? The portion was more in line with the price IMO. As for mains, my dining partners ordered the GRUB cheeseburger, slow roasted pork belly and pan-seared king salmon and all gave the thumbs up! The cheeseburger was very satisfying for the meat monster, the pork belly was a winner in all our books, and the king salmon came in a huge portion!

We also ordered the churros for dessert, but me no big fan of churros, so I don’t really know what makes a good churro. To me, it was like a doughstick covered in cinnamon sugar. Is that description correct? LOL

After all that food in our happy bellies, we thought of walking over to Bishan Park 2 to look at the dog park, but it was either closed, gone or we remembered the wrong location. Couldn’t find it! We ended up walking and talking, all the way back to Bishan MRT. #digestedallthefood Haha.

Food Review: Grub

Grub serves up non-grubby food

Grub serves up non-grubby food

Possibly one of my current favourite makan places , Grub is operated by the cousin of Beverly and is long anticipated by many. Promising to deliver wholesome good food, Grub serves up food that are far from being grubby. The location of Grub was less than ideal, being right smack in the middle of Bishan Park (which is extremely far from where I work or live), but it offers a different dining experience.

Grub from far

Grub from far

Gorgeous scenery

Gorgeous scenery

My first visit was brunch on a Saturday morning when they had just opened their doors for about a week or so. Service was slow then, but I’m glad to say that it has definitely picked up speed since then. I went there for the mussels but sadly, they were not available then so I settled for the beef guinness pie. The boy had the fish burger.

Is this a fish burger, or fish & chips?

Is this a fish burger, or fish & chips? $12

I loved the chips and the fresh crispy fish, and oh the remoulade sauce. VERY more-ish. I think I might have polished off the entire mug of chips and sauce while waiting for my beef pie.

Beef guinness pie

Beef guinness pie $12

I was mad starving when my order finally arrived (almost 40 mins wait) and while the pastry and mash were good, I was let down by the beef. Somehow I might have gotten the end of the stick, as my beef chunks were tough and sinewy. The pastry was very buttery and went well with the gravy though. Loved the baby carrots and pearl onions. Many have commented that their pies were good so I’m going to write it off as a one-time event. Might have to go back for brunch and try it again!

Belgium waffles, with strawberry and ricotta cheese

Belgium waffles, with strawberry and ricotta cheese, $8 I think

Feeling disappointed with my main, I decided to order a dessert to lift up my spirits. The belgium waffle with strawberry and ricotta cheese (no longer available on the menu since the revamp, but the banana and chocolate version is still available) was fresh and crispy. It went down really well with us, especially with the extra maple syrup we requested.

Though I didn’t enjoy my meal thoroughly, I think there’s still potential in Grub, and would def be returning, again and again!