Proud homeowner now

The flat was a major push factor for Mr Goh and I to get married. If you understand Singapore, you have to be married in order to qualify for a public housing flat or wait till you’re above 35 years old, then you qualify to purchase a public housing flat on your own. HDB flats now take up to 5 years to be completed, so we decided to try our luck for a Bukit Batok launch last Nov.


We applied for the 5 room flat (floor area of 112sqm) since we don’t think we want to move soon after starting a family for more space. Urgh. The flats nowadays are getting smaller and smaller. It’s a “chicken and egg” situation because on one hand, the government says family sizes are getting smaller thus the flat sizes can afford to be smaller, but on the other hand, the government is asking us to increase the birth rate. If the flats are so small and expensive, how to have more children….

Ideal unit floorplan

There are 2 different layouts for 5-room, but we liked this one where all the bedrooms are on one side, and the household shelter is accessed from inside the kitchen (makes storage of the pantry easier).

Another reason why we decided to apply for a flat one year into our relationship was because we’ve heard many stories from around us that the flats are hard to get – too many people vying for them. It’s either we are extremely lucky or that no one wants to be neighbours with us because we managed to get a ballot number on our first application. And it was a pretty good number too: #50 out of 270. Me, being kiasu me, selected 6 units and 5 levels, so we have 30 units to choose from… cannot be all 30 units are taken up before it’s our turn right??

We kept monitoring (ok, I kept monitoring) the HDB website to see if our choice units are still available and lucky for us, our first choice was still available, right up to our appointment time!


Completion date is in Q1 2019, so that means we’ve got 5 whole years to save up for renovations and furnishings! Before we get excited about the house, we’ve got a “test” room to furnish – which is my study room. My mum’s going to renovate that room as my matrimonial room coz Mr Goh’s room is just too tiny for 2 to live comfortably. I came across this website while browsing another home decor blog and thought the site is extremely useful!

Bridal package

We were lucky that there were 2 bridal fairs over the same weekend we decided to be serious and move forward with plans to get married. So, we visited both fairs, with the mindset of just browsing and collecting ideas for the pre-wedding photoshoot, gowns and suits, hair and makeup and actual day photography, together with venue quotations. We certainly didn’t intend to confirm anything that weekend, but it turns out that Mr Goh was particularly taken by a photo from Thomson Wedding Collection. Now, the man isn’t really excited about all these stuff and I could easily tell from his expression if he likes or doesn’t like the bridal studio within seconds. So, when he said “wait a minute, go back to that photo”, I knew he liked that particular photo and feel. So we sat down and looked at more past albums TWC has done, before going into details about pricing and packages.

Just some promotional shot from TWC. Obviously I won’t look as gorgeous as the model, but I like their studio settings.


Some people place more emphasis on the hair & makeup portion of the photoshoot, some the range of gowns available, some the photo feel. We belong to the last group. Mr Goh and I are the sort of low-key couple who likes to chill out with friends at home, or some place casual. T-shirt & shorts are our default attire for the weekend, and thus we didn’t want anything frilly for our photoshoot. I have actually thought of skipping the pre-wedding photoshoot and asking friends who are into photography to help us take those casual couple photos instead, but the price difference is only about $800. So might as well to go professional eh? After an hour and a half, and numerous negotiations, we signed up for a package. With this package, a lot of the nitty gritty details have been settled such as the AD evening gowns and suits for both sets of parents and also AD photography.

Some real-life couple photos done by TWC
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Pacific Rim movie

pacific_rim_ver4 (1)


Mr Goh made me watch Pacific Rim with him over the weekend. Initially, I was kinda reluctant coz action movies aren’t really my type. But since he often obliges to watch chick flicks and cartoons with me, it’s only right that I watch his favourite type of movies with him right? ❤ Ended up, I loved the movie! It was super exciting and thrilling. I thought I would feel sleepy since we were catching the midnight show, but I don’t think there was a moment where I dozed off!

Mr Goh’s brother suggested watching the movie in 3D, saying that it would be awesome, but I don’t think I would want to. Super dizzy for me. I’d probably exit the cinema vomiting.

Talking about cinemas, I wanna introduce my favourite cinema! I don’t usually like to watch movies in the cinema coz cinema seats are not very comfortable (to me). If you’re like me and always squirm in your cinema seat, make sure to try the couple seat at Cathay (West Mall). I can’t say for the other Cathay branches, but the one at West Mall is super comfy! Their couple seats are really like a day bed, none of that weird gap in between 2 seats. Golden Village also has couple seats, but really, they are just 2 individual seats, with movable arm rests in between. #cheatme. Also, as Cathay West Mall is fairly new (just opened its doors in Feb 2013), their furnishings are still quite clean and new.