Birthday dinner treat

It was my birthday this past weekend, and while the boy and I don’t really celebrate it, we often would go out for a nice meal. You know, just so the day wouldn’t seem like any other day. So on Friday date night, we went to Vivocity as I needed to reserve ferry tickets for our Batam trip this coming weekend. My usual dinner spot at Vivo would be JPot, but on that day, ZH mentioned that he wanted western food, and so we looked at the info board and saw “The Chop House“. Sounded western enough.

Super cute Christmas decor on the signage! Otherwise, I think the logo looks a little scary (too much Criminal Minds last night)… While waiting for a table, I saw their namecards and the restaurant is part of the Wooloo-Mooloo group! Oh boy, this is going to be great!!!

Right off the bat, I knew I wanted the tenderloin steak (S$29). I’ve been craving eons for it! I requested for my steak to be done medium well, and I got just that. Perfect. So many times I requested for “medium well” and I got “medium rare” or “well done”. The steak came served with sweet corn-potato cake, sauteed spinach and peppercorn sauce. The sides were not that good, but it’s ok. The star was the steak and for that, I can overlook the less than stellar sides.

When the dish arrived, I could immediately smell the grilled meat – wonderful. I couldn’t wait to cut into it and savor the tender meat. This cow, my friend, has not died in vain. The steak was executed perfectly and was still juicy. 

ZH requested for the New Zealand sirloin (S$27) to be done medium rare and he got his wish too. But I thought the bearnaise sauce was a little too sour to be paired with the meat. The sides were standard and nothing too bad.

It was a quiet meal since we were both concentrating on our meat, but thereafter I couldn’t stop raving about it. A return trip is definitely in order! Empty plates are always a great testament to the food quality, right?