Macau 2010

I tagged along with my parents to Macau mid last year. Actually I wasn’t that keen on going initially because Dad had planned to take Tiger Airways and I’m a snob when it comes to airplanes. HAHA. But the thought of staying at Venetian Macau lured me in. So I sucked it up, took Tiger Airways, and ended up glad that I went. We were there for 5 days, and stayed at Hotel Royal for the first 3 nights, and moved to Venetian Macau for the last night. No choice, we had to stick to a budget.

The weather was kinda hazy the day we arrived in Macau, so the touristy pictures were kinda bad. But the temperature was cool and comfortable. We were kinda early when we arrived at the hotel, so we left our luggage there and ventured off to find some noms. Hotel Royal is located at Estrada da Vitoria 2-4, walking distance to the ruins of St Paul. It’s far away from Venetian Macau, but still within walking distance of the casino belt (or rather it was Venetian that is far away from the rest of us). I’m not a fan of the casinos, but still went in to look see a little. Besides the hotels were all so rand and pretty!

Anyway, while walking to the Grand Lisboa, we passed by a quaint little eatery and decided to stop for food. We didn’t have had anything to eat on the plane, so we were obviously starving! The eatery sells food such as porridge, carrot cake and yam cakes. Quite like a cha chan teng. I settled on yam cake and silk stocking milk tea. The yam cake was value for money and had huge chunks of yam embedded in it! Unlike most of the food stalls in Singapore where it’s mainly flour. Boo to that. Macanese yam cake is slightly different as they drizzle peanut sauce and dark soya sauce but still yummy nonetheless. I think I still like our local teh cos we use condensed milk (one of my favourites!) which makes the tea creamier. Evaporated milk makes the tea ‘flatter’ IMO.

After late breakfast, we walked to Grand Lisboa hotel where the guys had fun with the slot machines. I didn’t play much, perhaps like HKD50?

Pretty park near Hotel Royal, on the way to Grand Lisboa

Mandatory camwhore shot because the exterior of Grand Lisboa was GRAND...

Must eats: Polo bun & Portugese egg tart

Shops near Hotel Royal... Do you see what I see?

When we got back to Hotel Royal slightly past lunchtime, our rooms were ready, and we went up to rest and explore! I love seeing what stuff hotels provide for their guests! We got a Premier room that was pretty huge for our group of 3. We had to add an additional bed though (there’s only 1 King sized bed). There was wired internet connection, and a LCD TV with the usual cable TV channels. The bathroom was quite big too, and had a magnifying mirror! The hotel uses Aigner branded toiletries (never knew they had!) which were pretty nice smelling!

Hotel Royal

Macau, besides its glitzy casinos, is a pretty quiet town. We didn’t do much there… the main highlights for me were 1) meeting my dad’s friend and his son (whom I have spoken to years ago, but only met last year), 2) staying at the Venetian Macau and 3) shopping at Zhuhai.

Zhuhai, part of China, was just next to Macau. In fact, it’s even nearer than JB & Singapore! No ferries or buses to take, it’s on FOOT (abt 15 mins from Macau customs to Zhuhai customs). There’s a huge underground shopping maze right at the exit of Zhuhai customs, so we didn’t need to stay there overnight. The shopping there was organized neatly into different sections, but I still managed to get lost and confused within each section because the items on sale were quite similar so I gave up trying to compare prices after a while, because I simply couldn’t locate the first shop! There were tons to buy in Zhuhai because it’s China (and you can get almost anything there!) and the prices were good. Tip: MUST bargain! After returning from Zhuhai, there were free shuttle buses at Macau customs to bring you to the different casinos, so we just hopped onto one which brought us to one that was near our hotel. $0 transport fee!

We also visited St Paul. Y’know, did the whole touristy thing but that was done in half a day.

Staying at the Venetian. This is the grandest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. Even Ritz Carlton pales in comparison. No joke. I was impressed from the minute we checked into the hotel. There were tons of (Chinese) people trying to check in and it was pure chaos. Then, a guest relations officer approached us while we were queuing and guided us to a separate room when he/she (couldn’t remember already!) read our check in email. We were asked to sit at the comfy couches while they checked us into our room. Yes, we didn’t need to ‘mingle’ with the noisy crowd!

Mum had probably gotten a bigger/more plush room than we normally would have because the room was HEEEE-UGE! It’s even bigger than our room back home! But I thought it was weird that the toilet, while separate from the shower/bath area, was INSIDE the bathroom, so there’s no way 2 people could use it together because after using the toilet, you would have to come out into the sink area.

The room had 2 king size (or is it queen?) beds and a flat screen CRT TV (FAIL ==”) and a small lounge area with a second TV (LCD this time), a business desk and working printer. There was also free internet! With a room this comfortable, who needs to hang out downstairs at the casino or shopping area?! We got lunch from the foodcourt downstairs and brought up to the room. While Dad & Mum went to the casino, I went shopping on my own, and bought my now worn-to-death favourite Maud Frizon ballet flats. It had cost me ~S$80 but it is so super comfy from the minute I first wore it! We met up for dinner, and scooted off to do our own things after that – they went back to the slot machines while I had a relaxing bath and mellowed evening.