A skip, a hop and a bus ride away to JB!

Mum was visiting for the past weekend, and I suggested to go JB for a massage and dinner on Saturday. Well, actually I was trying to jio people like the 5 人行 and the poly girls but I got rejected by all. My parents didn’t let me down. HAHAHA.

So anyway, we didn’t have the car so we MRT-ed to Kranji and then took 170 bus to the Woodlands checkpoint. A blessing in disguise because there were car jams both ways, but the bus lanes were clear and we breezed right through! Well, except for the fact that my mum got stuck exiting Singapore customs for almost 20 minutes because of her faint fingerprints. City Square shopping mall is just about 5-7 minutes walk away from the CIQ building and it has lots of restaurants! Since we were early (afraid of human jams, so we decided to enter JB at around 3pm. We reached there around 4pm), we went for some food first at Dad’s favourite Secret Recipe.

2014-03-29 16.51.21 Part of an Auntie Anne’s pretzel. Always a must-have for me when I go JB, or anywhere else (recalls Alaska trip). Not in this picture is the caramel dip and a choc mint pretzel – polished off very quickly. *Mum bought this while waiting for Secret Recipe’s food

2014-03-29 16.51.05 A slice of Tiramisu cake. Slightly bitter-tasting cake matched with the sweet cream, but not very tiramisu-like. Somehow, dad loves this.

2014-03-29 16.56.55 Our drinks. Oreo milkshake, ice blended chocolate and a butterscotch latte (chosen by my dad – so hip hor? I thought my dad is a kopi-o kosong kind of man!)

2014-03-29 17.07.46 Pizza with chicken ham, minced beef and salami.

2014-03-29 16.51.51 2014-03-29 16.52.47

Shortly after this, we went off to our massage at Bangkok Spa. Not my first time there, and definitely not my last time either. Prices are reasonable, place is clean and decent and the masseurs do a mean job of massaging those knotty shoulders. If you are in a group without car, can try to ask them to arrange for free pickup service at City Square (5 mins away from Bangkok Spa). The spa is near the famous Teck Sing paper wrapped chicken, so you can walk over to the restaurant after your massage. Alternatively, do what we did – request them to send us back to City Square.

Back at City Square, we decided to grab a quick bite before heading home. Since it was mum’s last meal before she returns to Shanghai, she had the honour of choosing what to eat, and she chose Bornga. By now, you should know “some” is an understatement when it comes to food, so our initial plan to get “some” food turned out to be a feast!

We had 2 BBQ meats (it was mandatory to have minimum 2 plates of meat for BBQ – we chose Woo Samgyup RM38 for 150g, Samgyupsal RM28 for 1 serving), 1 BBQ mushroom RM22, 1 seafood pancake RM30, 1 spicy tofu stew RM26, 1 beef soup RM30. Altogether, we paid RM191.40, or S$75 if you opted to pay in Sing dollars. Quite worthwhile since it was a lot of food and if you were to order the same dishes in Singapore’s Bornga, it would cost at least S$100. They probably charge the same number, but in a different currency.

2014-03-29 20.50.27 We forgot that Korean meals came with refillable side dishes which already make you half full.

2014-03-29 20.50.34 Woo hoo. Samgyupsal in the background, luscious beef Woo Samgyup in the foreground.

2014-03-29 20.53.19 Grilling the beef and mushrooms. YUMMO

2014-03-29 20.56.39 The seafood pancake which wasn’t crispy enough for us. Just so-so only.

2014-03-29 21.04.48 Tofu soup and beef soup. I liked the beef soup better than the tofu stew!

After this trip, I think Mr Goh and I would be making more trips to JB, since it’s so near our homes (it takes us longer to reach Orchard actually) and food is cheap there! We can probably catch a movie there as well!