Europe city hopping: Milan 2015

Part 2 of my Paris.Milan trip in Oct was of course, going to Milan! We took Easyjet from Paris’ CDG airport to Milan’s Malpensa airport. It was our first time taking Easyjet and they ain’t that easy… they were really reallllyyyy strict about carry on baggage. One piece, and one piece it is. You can have an additional small tiny bag for your necessities, but a shoulder bag like a Longchamp Le Pliage is considered as one piece. We spent quite a fair bit of time trying to squeeze our backpacks into the large Le Pliage travel bag that I brought, and into our cabin luggage too.

From Malpensa airport, we had to then take a train into the city centre where our Airbnb lodging was located. The train was comfortable and had proper station announcements.

We struggled quite a bit with street names while in Milan because everything sounded alike. Hahaha… but we also had a blast imitating the Italian accent. Not that we are poking fun at it, but it just sounds like you’re singing the opera all the time.

Mr Goh and I took a day trip to another Italian town (Verona), just 1 hour train ride out from Milan since we didn’t want to join my sister at the shopping outlets. It was very fun at Verona, our kind of holiday where we just walked around freely and took in all the sights. We purchased the 24H Verona card for 18 Euro which allowed us to enter quite a number of museums and churches for free.

We didn’t buy much in Milan because we were wary of Easyjet’s luggage policy. We realised that they (Easyjet) didn’t care so much about the weight of your carryon, but rather the SIZE. We later found out why size mattered, because when we were on board the plane, we saw so many other passengers putting their jackets into the overhead cabins, taking up precious luggage space. It kinda irked us because those jackets could have well been on their laps, freeing up space for other passengers who really needed the space for their luggage.

So anyway, I only bought one box of dried pasta because I was in Italy, and of course you buy Italian pasta made by the nonnas, right? We couldn’t buy any liquid stuff because we only had carry on luggage, and even the Nutella that Mr Goh’s colleague asked us to buy was dunked because it was over the 100ml limit. By the way, Nutella in Italy tastes the same as SG or DE version, so no need to buy Nutella specially to try (as what his colleague originally wanted to do).