Asian pop

I wasn’t really into Korean entertainment (still isn’t, but I think this group is quite cool) so I didn’t really know how popular Super Junior is until I watched this year’s 台湾金曲奖 where they were a guest and performed. I was gobsmacked by the large number of members and the fan base, thinking to myself “who are they?!” I thought their songs were typical pop songs and so appealed to teenyboppers. But I have to admit that the songs will grow onto you after some time.

Then the colleague at work became obsessed with Korean culture and everything about it, often talking to us about K-dramas and K-pop. Then yesterday they were talking about Super Junior’s new song “Super Girl”. It sounded quite funny, the way they were describing it, so I had to have a look for myself.

Their early-days look is quite horrifying – very typical of young age. It was almost like HOT, Kangta style. Wet-look spiky hair, act-cool street punk clothes and single side earring. Luckily they have a more polished and matured look now, otherwise I wouldn’t even have googled about them!



I don’t know most of the members (only recognise Hangeng (the Chinese guy), the leader (don’t even know his name but I think he looks like Jimmy Hung) and Kyuhyun) but the guy 2nd from right is wearing a YSL tee which I think looks very nice!

Super Junior has got 13 members (!!!) and I think Kyuhyun is pretty cute. Oh well, I’m all about single eyelid guys, so I suppose most Korean guys would appeal to me. HAHAHAHAHA.


dunno why, but am feeling kinda emo this week. didn’t feel like talking much on monday and was exceptionally quiet. even another colleague noticed and asked me what’s wrong. nothing’s wrong really, i just didn’t feel like talking much and was a little down.

and i cried in the office earlier on because car fanatic kept saying that i didn’t help him when i was a temp, but God knows i was the one who helped him the most! everytime he says that, i feel super unappreciated.

and he kept saying stuff like i’m now a spy because i chose to transfer back to the mktg dept, he shouldn’t talk to me etc. things that i didn’t want to hear the most because 1) i was already uncertain if my decision was right, 2) though we are going to be in different departments, he’s still a very close friend. i just kept quiet after what he said and Y asked if i was ok. CF left the room soon after because i just didn’t want to talk anymore. then Y probed and i started sobbing *to my own surprise*.

on another job-related note, i’m quite pleased that i clicked the submit button for that job application. *fingers crossed*


i really like this girl a lot! think she’s really cool and good looking! take a look at this video, especially the last part where the judge wanted her to do a different version (5:30). it’s really good! *gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes*

2008.01.12 超級偶像 張芸京 望你早歸 (含 黃國倫 指導前後的版本)