Long time no blog

So yeah. I have not made an update on the wedding preps for some time now. So far, my To-do list is looking like this:

1) Book banquet venue: DONE
site recces, and final selection

2) Pre-wedding photoshoot: DONE
choosing our gowns and suits, photoshoot tips and tricks, selecting our photos and album layout, collecting our album

3) Wedding bands: DONE
research on wedding band styles, jewelers, and final selection

4) Venue décor: no sweat yet

5) Childhood montage or no montage?

6) Guest list & seating arrangements: no sweat yet

7) Get pretty skin: IN PROGRESS. (SK-II is my choice of skincare products)

8) Tone up: IN PROGRESS. Yes, I’m exercising regularly, albeit once a week, by signing up for Aerobics classes at the Sports Council.


I’ve been keeping myself busy with work (my boss is away on extended family care leave and will only be back in August), so I’m left to my own devices and to organize a regional meeting for 40 pax. GULP.

I’m also working on another exciting project: Room rejuvenation. So the future in-laws did renovation for some parts of the house: namely, our room, the brothers’ room (because the younger brother is moving out of our room and moving into the eldest brother’s room) and the living room (a “by the way” project).

Our room is really small, like 2.6m wall to wall, around 4m from window to door. So after taking into consideration the placement of the built-in wardrobe and the bed, we don’t have much walking space.

I’d love to have the bed against the window, like the below, to have a little bit more walking space and working space. But since his family is a huge believer in fengshui and all that nada, there was no option (cannot sleep with the headboard against window, cannot sleep with mirror facing you directly or from the side, cannot sleep with beam above you, cannot sleep facing door, etc). It’s their way, or no way. Or they will nag until our ears drop off.


So in the end, with limited options, ZH and myself have decided to go with the layout below. Because his mum insisted that there should be a dressing table in the room “这样才像房间”, (and it’s true, I will need one), we decided to go for a wall-mounted small mirror with storage from IKEA instead of the big obiang kind.
final layoutbrimnes-mirror-with-storage__0173241_PE327345_S4obiang dresser

I initially wanted a chest of drawers like the RAST and/or TARVA so I can paint and decorate it in my fav colours, but after looking at the room and the awkward placement of the powerpoints – 40cm above floor (another point to note, please have powerpoints at eye, or at least waist, level), I can’t have any dresser on the floor at all because it will end up blocking access to the PPT.


Besides the mirror/dresser, we still have to find space to accommodate a laptop table for the man and find some underbed storage boxes for the extra set of linen. I’m thinking of something like this for him!





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