How I spent the long weekend

As usual, I’d like to avoid the crowds and stay in if I can. Besides the mandatory dental visit and facial trip, I managed to stay in and overdose on K-dramas.

Last week, I finished up Personal Preference and thought that Lee Min Ho looked really cute and charming in the show.

Then this week, I overdosed on Boys Over Flowers – I know that’s a really old show, but I didn’t catch onto the K-drama bandwagon until Xmas 2009. Anyway, so it was good that I only liked the show after it finished airing so I didn’t have to wait too long to watch the epis. The ending was a little disappointing though, ending within like 30 minutes of the last episode, too abrupt for my liking. In here, I liked Kim Bum’s character… as always, I like the sidekicks better than the mains.

And I also catched up on Kim Tak Gu… it’s a new show, currently airing in Korea, and this is what I was referring to earlier. I have to patiently wait for new subbed episodes every week, and it’s really irritating! I know I should be more appreciative of the subbing team, but I’m not known for patience and I wish I can finish the show in one sitting!

I’ve also been raving lots about the multimedia player that I bought from the recent IT show and this is it! It’s a very nifty gadget, good for those who like to watch media clips on the big TV screen. I simply downloaded BOF off Youtube and plugged my HDD into the media player and enjoyed the show. As long as I made sure to download HD quality, it was all good quality on the TV screen. Even dad was surprised how clear it was. It wasn’t expensive too, only S$149 usual price (I bought it at S$129 at the IT show).

spot the difference

i was watching super idol2 on mio tv earlier and our very own kelly poon appeared in one of the final episodes, challenging one of the contestant. as i was watching, i found something about her not quite right, but i just couldn’t pin point exactly what was wrong. was it her eyes, her hair (she’s having it short now), her nose or her teeth? google is my best friend, so here goes:

Oct 2007

Her latest album cover, released late last year (so I reckon this picture was taken latest Aug 08).

I just can’t stop it

I reckon I’m going to need such glasses soon. Dad just subscribed to Singtel’s Mio TV and we’re not going to cancel our subscription to SCV (strong objections from me!!).

We’ve been rushing home from work for the past few weeks, just to watch the various shows on Mio (Video on Demand rocks). I think we much prefer Mio because we can watch shows anytime we want, not restricted by a TV schedule.

But today, we went to Vivo to get our trusty old analogue SCV set box changed to a digital one. I also changed my subscription plan to exclude Star Movies & HBO (they’re getting really boring now – nothing nice!), and instead got the Lifestyle basic group which includes Asian Food Channel. I love cooking shows!!!

TV affairs

Everytime I go to @nn’s place, I’m bound to get hooked on a new TV show. The last time was Without a Trace. Sadly, that ‘affair’ stopped when I returned to SG because WAT wasn’t that popular here and I couldn’t find the latest season on TV or get the latest DVD release.


This time, it is Bones (I know, the show has been out for AGES) & Lie to Me. I was still watching Bones DVD Season 3 minutes before I left for the airport. I was THAT hooked. So, needless to say, I was searching for it at the rentals. Luckily, the shop nearby had Season 1 & 2, so I rented the first season. The rental period was much longer than that in Australia (a usual 3-5 days, the most a week). Over here, the rental period for the box set is 12 days!! But of course, I won’t take that long to finish watching the 6 discs.


I don’t think Lie to Me is available here but probably online streaming or Amazon will have something.


OT, but my braces treatment could be completed by end of the year or probably early next. EXCITING!

reliving my childhood

i feel like i’m 13 all over again. i’ve seriously fallen in love with this super duper extremely cute actor called 贺军翔. hahahaha. i THINK i may have seen him in real life before when a poly classmate and i went to one of the meet the fans sessions of his when he visited SG a few years back (i think it was for love contract or something). watching ‘why why love’ has just relived that memory. now i want to watch/rewatch all of his shows!

yes, fyi, i used to be a groupie and i’m very proud of it! =D

hooked again

I’m a terrible sucker for tw idol dramas. I love watching these shows even though their storylines are oh-so-predictable. So anyway, since dad cancelled my ch 56 on scv, I haven’t been getting my regular dose of tw dramas. I thought I had more or less weened off them cos I don’t watch them in Australia anyway. But since coming back, I’ve been seeing all the adverts for new shows but I can’t have any of them. My colleague introduced me to this website that shows all the asian dramas and surprise! They have the new drama ‘why why love’ starring rainie yang (yuck), and mike he! I love mike he, he’s so cuteeeee! I think there’s only a total of 15 episodes, so I’m trying to limit myself to only 1 episode a day. Not like I have a lot of time to watch 2 episodes in 1 day anyway.  

new show on tv

a show very similar in concept to deadliest catch is now on discovery channel. the way the show has been produced has an uncanny similarity that i think both shows belong to the same producer. however, while deadliest catch is a ‘friendly’ show, lobster wars entails lots of bitching and backstabbing to even sinking rivals’ pots down to the ocean bed. i like.

watch lobster wars on discovery channel.

year of the babies

is this year a 旺年? it seems like all the hot people are having a baby!

nicole richie
halle berry
christina aguilera
jennifer lopez
isla fisher
who else?

on another note, SJP has been voted the least sexiest woman on earth. Hello?? i wonder if her wrinkly hands have pushed her to that spot. even Amy Winehouse is number 2… how can SJP be any less sexier than AW?!